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Praise for the To Love a Wildcat  & Venom Series 

Pink Pucks & Power Plays

“WOW! I just had the good fortune of learning about this author and I am so glad I did. Being a hockey lover I thought I had found all of the hockey romances out there, but I was wrong. Viviana made me laugh so many times as she interacted with her sister, her niece, and the Busy Bee’s. Then there was Alain, hello hot hockey player! Who wouldn’t fall for a hot hockey player with a heart of gold? Choices that seem easy may not always be easy and that is what this story shows. I loved it and cannot wait to get my hands on Book 2 and the whole series! Way to go V.L. Locey!!!!!”

Gerrianne-Amazon Reader

A Most Unlikely Countess

“I loved this second book in the To Love a Wildcat series!

I truly appreciated how well-written Liz’s character was. Great care was taken with her inner monologue so you could truly understand how painfully shy she was. As a woman who used to be the same way I’ve heard the same types of justifications for behavior go through my head a million times. And Liz’s snark had me literally laughing out loud…even more so than Viv’s in the first book! And Veikko…what can you say about a somewhat insecure hockey god?? He was real and down to earth, which made him likable. His gentleness with Liz’s situation with her mother won me over though. Nothing like a man who is tough-as-nails in his professional life and a big teddy bear in his personal one ::sigh::

The “Cinderella” type story fit Liz’s character perfectly as well. The story was easy to follow in spite of the many different things going on with the characters. And I loved to see the recurring characters in this story, and that they haven’t changed in spite of everything going on around them.

Then, of course, the hockey action was superb. I love going to games and the description of the stadium was so good that I could almost smell the ice and start salivating over the smell of concessions…”

Jules – Amazon Reader

O Captain! My Captain!

“I am so happy to see more middle aged characters in books these days, all dealing with real issues such as divorce, raising kids as a single parent and trying to find a new dream in life. The author did a fabulous job with this shorter book in giving us a romance to remember and courage to cling to while raising teenagers . . .

The author takes you on a beautiful ride with the rest of this story, breaking our hearts in places while renewing our belief in love and acceptance. I really enjoyed this book as a standalone, but then I went back and read A Most Unlikely Countess: To Love a Wildcat. I wanted to see if this book could really be appreciated on its own merit and while I believe it can, you will gain a much broader understanding of the characters that appear in this series as a whole and the overall theme. I would strongly suggest you read them all in order but if you can only do one, you won’t go wrong with Maggie and Derrick.”

T. London – Amazon Reader

Reality Check

“I am a huge fan of this series and it just gets better and better. One of the things I enjoy most about the wildcat series, besides the hot hockey players, is that the heroines of the stories are all different ages, sizes, and personalities. This book features Isabelle, an over 50 widow that inherited the wildcats team when her husband passed. Now she is trying to keep the team going, keep a young Russian bad boy player away from her daughter, and prove that the team can repeat their championship season with her at the helm. All this, while battling hot flashes and butting heads with the team’s handsome head coach. The chemistry between Isabelle and Philip is hot, hot, hot. I adored the senior members of this wonderful cast of characters as well. Isabelle and Petro’s mothers are priceless. It can’t wait to read the next book!!”

G-Girl – Amazon Reader

Language of Love

“I stumbled upon Language of Love just when I was feeling homesick for my hometown of Philadelphia. I love hockey–I’ve been a Philadelphia Flyers fan since I was a kid–so discovering the To Love a Wildcat series was a stroke of luck. It’s set in Philadelphia and revolves around the fictional hockey team, the Philadelphia Wildcats.

Language of Love chronicles what happens when Marguerite, the deaf daughter of the team’s owner, falls in love with Petro, the latest addition to the team whose limited grasp of English and fiery temperament have put him at odds with the team. Their physical attraction to one another is white-hot–this is one sexy book–and sex becomes one of the ways Marguerite and Petro communicate with other another. As the summer progresses, we get an interesting view into their relationship and the problems these two face–Petro’s drinking problem, Marguerite’s trying to figure out if she should get a cochlear implant so that she could hear his voice or if she should say no to it in order to be a role model for the deaf children she teaches–someone who can show them they can live in a hearing world without feeling like they do not belong–and of course there is relationship drama thanks to disapproving friends and family.

The twists in Marguerite and Petro’s love story give Language of Love a great edge. It’s not often one gets a chance to read a romance featuring a deaf heroine and this novel gives great insight into what it’s like to be deaf in a hearing world, how one navigates communicating and dealing with societal pressure. And of course having a sexy Russian hockey player like Petro is a definite bonus.

Though this was book 5, it was the first book I read in the series and was able to follow the storyline without any problems. Going to delve into more books in the To Love a Wildcat series. Highly recommended!”

KimGM – Amazon Reader

Final Shifts

“The Final Shift brings us up to speed and concludes us on all that is happening with our favorite Wildcats: Derrick Andersson’s retirement ceremony, Philip’s trial, Viviana and Alain’s drama, Liz and Veikko’s fertility issues among a few. We also meet a new character Jane Bratkowski, who will be a part of a spin off series, The Venom, which I cannot wait to read.

I love the Wildcats. They are such a diverse group that makes up a dedicated hockey family.

V. L. Locey does an amazing job with her characters’ dialog. When the story is being told from a new character’s point of view, the character’s name is always listed first, but I swear I would know who is speaking without the name being posted: Derrick with his Minnesotan accent, Viviana who comes off like Samantha from Darren Star’s Sex and the City, Isabelle the strong and elegant leader, Margarite and her sign language, The different enunciations of the hockey players. You get my point. No one comes off as the same person.

The plot of the series is carefully thought out. The story kept building with every novel. The past books all came together in this story; something that happened to one couple, touches the lives of another. One door closes; another one opens, and they are all there for each other in support. They are a loyal team.

Final Shifts is a well-written and fast paced. To Love a Wildcat readers will not be disappointed. I am sad to see it end but happy for the spin off series.”

Diane Lynch – Diane’s Book Blog

Clean Sweep 

“OMG I don’t know if I have been more excited as when I saw that Clean Sweep was released early!!! I was as giddy as a school girl and let me tell you, this book was so worth the wait. I loved the Wildcat series and now it’s the ladies turn.

I could not help but to fall in love with Tore and Jane. I felt so sorry for them when I read their back ground story. Caused heart twinges. There was so much depth to this story….funny as hell parts thanks to Olaf (yes she is back along with a few other characters from the previous series)then heart breaking parts with Tore and Jane’s past is brought up.

We really don’t have our firm HEA with these two. (at least what I would call an HEA) It didn’t end in a cliff hanger and we did get a happy ending and I was very pleased with how it all went but no wedding bells a ringing just yet. Doesn’t meant that it won’t come up in any of the next ones though. The ending on this one though now that I think about it as rather abrupt.

We were introduced to a lot of new characters that will become on main focus in later books. Loved Alice…hated Daisy…Loved Biggie (he was a hoot and a half)…loved Karrie and her snarky self.

Lot’s of emotions throughout this read. Laughter, tears, heartache, heartbreak, forgiveness, growth, etc.


Would I recommend this book? Oh hell ya!!!!

Would I read more from this author? Of course!!!”

Sassy Beta Reading & Review


What Readers & Reviewers Say About My Gay Romances

Two Man Advantage

“I wasn’t sure that I would EVER start to like Vic at the beginning. He truly set himself up as the biggest d-bag in the NHL, not that there weren’t reasons for his tough exterior. But he was such a jerk that no one wanted to bother to get close to him…until Dan. Just the description of Dan’s sunny smile had me smiling; not that he isn’t a tough, skilled player. Just his optimism is infectious, even for the reader. They are polar opposites so the attraction was a given. They compliment each other so well and in the end I truly started to like Vic.

Don’t get me wrong when I say “heartfelt”…the story is hot as hell too! But it is tempered with moments of love and heart break. Very good story and you aren’t left wondering with what-if’s.

I also appreciate how Locey touches on the difficulties of gay men in professional sports. It is an oft avoided subject that is just now gaining some stories in the media as more professional athletes are coming out. I love how this story portrays Vic and Dan as very good, capable players who happen to be gay, focusing on the men instead of their sexuality.”

Jules R. – Amazon Reader

Long Change

“I love hockey, and I have followed it since I was a child, so I am gonna be tough on any hockey book, but it turns out that with this one I don’t get to be tough, because it is perfectly written, and V.L. Locey knows her hockey! This made me very, very happy, nothing makes me happier than a well executed book about a sport I love!
Boone seems to have it all, a wealthy family, a good college life and friends, and he is goalie for the sport he loves, but something is missing. When Boone meets the new mascot, out, proud, and beautiful Preston, he knows exactly what that something is!
Preston has never hidden who he is and that has brought him unwanted attention and even beatings, but he counts it as worth it to be who he truly is. When he meets Boone he wants nothing more than for Boone to be in a position to do that too.
Will Boone risk everything to be with Preston? What will happen if he does? Is losing everything really that bad when you end up with the person you were always meant to be with? Thanks V.L. for giving us a wonderful book about hockey but also about love!”

Bike Book Reviews

Game Misconduct

“Game Misconduct is a sequel, and though you can follow quite well on its own, I do suggest you read Two Man Advantage first, so you know the characters better.

Though Victor is not your typical main character, he is arrogant and sarcastic I absolutely love him. In Game Misconduct, he shows another side of himself, and I grew to love him even more. Then there is Dan, his polar opposite. Dan could be a saint or angel he is such a likable, person. The chemistry between the two is unparalleled! You couldn’t ask for a better match than these two men. The sex is smokin hot as well so beware there is explicit sexual content and very strong language.

The story is fast-paced, and the plot has several twists and turns. I felt the story also has a very realistic feel and touches on many real life topics such as the difference between gay and bisexuality’, coming out, and pregnancy before marriage. I cannot wait for the next book.”

The Cat’s Meow~~Reviews that Purr

“I was really excited that Vic and Dan got another book. This one there’s a lot of turbulence for the hockey couple. So much happens in this book. Life changing things and it was really great to read their next steps. I felt that we got deeper into Vic’s head. He’s got so much going on up there so many issues. And all that happens to him and Dan forces him to realize change is going to happen whether you’re ready or not. Best to get ready and get help. Of course the cliffy at the end had me sputtering and grasping for my sanity, BUT…. It insures that we will see more of these dirty mouthed, hopelessly in love, hockey studs again!!!”

Diverse Reader – Amazon Reader

Life is a Stevie Wonder Song

This was a super enjoyable novella by V. L. Locey. It focused on two of my favorite things — May/December romances and discovery of latent bisexuality — and that made it a super fun read for me. Locey’s characters are always so much fun, and I loved the slightly irascible, older writer Steven who found himself attracted to the mysterious young Declan while attending a writer’s camp. I had wondered if Declan would <spoiler>turn out to be an otherworldly creature himself</spoiler> and I liked that it was hinted at without being fully explained or confirmed. It left a nice sense of wonder and gave a hint of magic to this delightful tale. Would like to read more about these two in the future, definitely, but I found their story well-paced and very satisfying.

Avon Gale – Amazon Reader

Full Strength

V. L. Locey scores a hat trick with Full Strength, the third book in the Point Shot Series. If you have read my reviews for Vic’s and Dan’s first two books: Two Man Advantage and Game Misconduct, you would already know that I LOVE Vic and Dan. I just adore them. Okay, everybody likes Dan. He is sweet, loyal, friendly. Vic, on the other hand, kind of grows on you, like a wart. The guy is absolutely hilarious in a prickly kind of way. Maybe not so amusing if you are easily offended. However, I love sarcasm, so he has become one of my favorite characters of all time. He makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Diane Lynch – Diane’s Book Blog